Monday, July 11

Thank you, very cool

we've been getting a lot of requests for more hip hop on the site. the scene has been spread a little thin lately, but here are a few thugnificent tracks. we'll try to keep it a weekly tradition. feel free to send us suggestions at
Javelin x Jay Z - Intervales Gangster* *

Drake, Rick Ross & Lil Wayne - I'm On One (Myndset Remix)* myndset sent this one over the other day, much appreciated, keep them coming
The Weeknd - Rolling Stone (Tate La Rock and Troublemaker Remix)* some hard wobbles, but if you listen to it the whole way through it's pretty decent
Baby Boy Da Prince - The Way I Live (b.cause you got what I need rework)* *

Naughty By Nature - Feel Me Flow* * still down with opp

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