Saturday, December 31

Avicii x Etta James - Levels (Vitzi’s Old School Intro Bootleg)
The Wanted - Glad You Came (Alex Gaudino Remix)
Adrian Lux feat. The Good Natured - Alive (Basto Remix)
Connected feat. Max C - A Feeling (Fonzerelli Remix)
NERVO feat. Afrojack & Steve Aoki - We're All No One (NERVO Goes To Paris Remix)
Carl Hanaghan & Ted Nil feat. Sophie & Kristian B - Make Me Feel (Original Mix)
Florence + The Machine - Shake It Out (Benny Benassi Extended Mix)
Dune - Heiress of Valentina (Alesso Remix)
Coldplay - Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall (Avicii Full Tour Mix)
Seb Ingrosso & Alesso x Florence - Calling The Love (First State Bootleg)
Pendulum - The Island (Steve Angello, AN21, Max Vangelli Remix)
All The Lights - Chasing Colours (Club Mix)
Swedish House Mafia - Save The World (Paul David Remix)
Pierce Fulton - Lay Right Here (Original Mix)
PNAU - Solid Ground (Tim Mason Remix)
Avicii x NERVO x Justice - We're All ID Friends (Pixel Cheese Cover Bootleg)
Moby x Calvin Harris - You Used to Lie Down (Egesten Bootleg)
Kaskade feat. Rebecca & Fiona - Turn It Down (Le Castle Vania Remix)
M83 - Midnight City (Christian Strobe Remix)
Kings of Tomorrow - Finally (Adrian Lux Time Machine Remix)
Guilliano & Anita Meyer - Why Tell Me Why (Re-Fuge Remix)
Rebecca & Fiona - Lucy In The Sky (Swedish House Mafia Mix)
Calvin Harris - Feel So Close (Special Features Remix)
Coldplay - Paradise (Tiësto Remix)
Thomas Bangalter & DJ Falcon - So Much Love (Velvet Sound Machine 2011 Remix)


very cool to see the progression of edm in the states this year. to celebrate, here are forty songs you probably already have. this first part is a solid playlist to get the evening's festivities rolling, and the second is a roundup of some anthems from the year that was. we'll try to keep it interesting in 2012, thank you all for stopping by.
2012 Narty by P. Bateman

Thursday, December 8

Get Pitted

Sander Van Doorn & Adrian Lux - Eagles (Original Mix)**** the whole eleve11 album is a solid pick up
Ali Wilson & Chris Jones x Audien - Become Fusion (Sunday Morning Bootleg)***

Fissunix - Don't Let Me Down on The Dancefloor *top shelf. from the first, and still the finest blog I've been to - partyzaffa

Wednesday, December 7

Members Entrance

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The Knocks - Brightside (Fred Falke Remix)***

Filo & Peri feat. Audrey Gallagher - This Night (Max Graham Remix)***

Kaz James - We Hold On (Adam K & Soha Remix)**** from the old site, definitely hunts if you haven't heard it

Thursday, November 17

Exile on Main St.

"I'll never be your beast of burden,
so let's go home and draw the curtains"
Rolling Stones - Beast Of Burden****

Thursday, November 10

This Side of Paradise

"She learned in England to prefer whiskey and soda to wine."
F. Scott Fitzgerald
The Killers - Smile Like You Mean It (Madeon remix)** older, but it felt prudent with all of these coldplay edits.

Coldplay - Paradise (YoungLife Remix)**** get's big, slight wobble

Wednesday, November 9

Friday, October 21


new dirty will be under further review following this weekend. let the hunt commence.
Conye Smith East - Good Friday*** triple dog

Jackie Wilson - Higher & Higher (scratchandsniffs re-rub)*****

Rolling Stones - Tumblin' Dice****

Roland Clark & The Montanas - Music Talkin' (Fred Falke Remix)*****

Monday, October 17

Pnau - The Truth (Sam La More Remix)*** not new by any means, but definitely worth grabbing if you haven't already

Moby - After (Tim Mason Remix)**** starts making sense around :31

Sunday, October 16

Friday, October 7

Welcome to the Swamp

"Live free, child of the mist,
-- and with respect to knowledge we are all children of the mist."
Henry David Thoreau
Bag Raiders x Calvin Harris - Shooting Flashback (Jump Street Mash)**** bold moves js

Chanel - Its My Life (Fonzerelli Remix)*** classic

The Source feat. Candi Staton - You've Got the Love (Club Mix)**** thoreau-back

Wednesday, October 5

I've got you

Axwell feat. Sebastian Ingrosso & Max C - In My Life*** this is the title it's been circulating under so we'll roll with it. a rose by any other name, right? but definitely grab this and clear some dancing space.

Nari & Milani & Cristian Marchi feat. Max C - I Got You (Antillas & Dankann Rework)*** classic version

Blind Faith

just to clarify, we do this because we love music. if you send us a song and it doesn't get posted right away, or you aren't pleased with the amount of asterisks it receives, I wouldn't put too much stock in it. as far as music blogs go, we are about as mom-and-pop an operation as there is. whatever you do, please don't email us to huff and puff about it. you don't want to be that guy. regarding the aster*sks, they literally could not be any more arbitrary. all the music we put up here is, at least in our opinion, halfway decent (probably sounds paradoxical if you already looked ahead and saw the britney bootleg.. whatever smart ass, it's britney). at the end of the day, we're just a couple of enthusiasts who like to party, and prefer to listen to music when we do it. if you're still reading - thank you for stopping by, we'll do our best to keep it interesting.
best regards,

Adam K - You're Not Alone (Adam K & Soha Remix)**** a song for all seasons, personal favorite

Delerium feat. Sarah McLachlan - Silence (Niels Van Gogh and Thomas Gold Remix)*** above & beyond's 21st century remix is probably better, it's just a matter of preference. this takes a minute to warm up, but give them both a try.
The MashMaticians - Ticket to the World (Britney Spears x Fadi)* apologies, but this fadi beat is intoxicating

Axwell feat. Tara McDonald - Feel the Vibe (Whelan & Di Scala Remix)**

Chase & Status - Blind Faith (Ricers Guide Dog Re-Edit)**** this has been a post game standard for a while, grab it

Weezy F - Sure Thing **necessary

Sunday, October 2

Do you have an alternate?

funk you very much for the council callie, and a great deal of gratitude to scratchandsniff for sending these over. you are top shelf in our books.

NYCC - I'll Keep My Light In My Window (scratchandsniffs disco re-rub)* * * * ride the wave

Al Green - I've Never Found A Girl (scratchandsniffs re-rub)* * * *

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Friday, September 30

El Fin de Semana

apologies if you feel this seb ingrosso and alesso track has run it's course, we're just not quite there yet. regardless, it's friday, chill out and let florence's vocals see you through.
Seb Ingrosso & Alesso x Florence + The Machine - Calling The Love (First State Bootleg)*** the home stretch on this gets big

Sunday, September 18