Friday, October 7

Welcome to the Swamp

"Live free, child of the mist,
-- and with respect to knowledge we are all children of the mist."
Henry David Thoreau
Bag Raiders x Calvin Harris - Shooting Flashback (Jump Street Mash)**** bold moves js

Chanel - Its My Life (Fonzerelli Remix)*** classic

The Source feat. Candi Staton - You've Got the Love (Club Mix)**** thoreau-back

Wednesday, October 5

I've got you

Axwell feat. Sebastian Ingrosso & Max C - In My Life*** this is the title it's been circulating under so we'll roll with it. a rose by any other name, right? but definitely grab this and clear some dancing space.

Nari & Milani & Cristian Marchi feat. Max C - I Got You (Antillas & Dankann Rework)*** classic version

Blind Faith

just to clarify, we do this because we love music. if you send us a song and it doesn't get posted right away, or you aren't pleased with the amount of asterisks it receives, I wouldn't put too much stock in it. as far as music blogs go, we are about as mom-and-pop an operation as there is. whatever you do, please don't email us to huff and puff about it. you don't want to be that guy. regarding the aster*sks, they literally could not be any more arbitrary. all the music we put up here is, at least in our opinion, halfway decent (probably sounds paradoxical if you already looked ahead and saw the britney bootleg.. whatever smart ass, it's britney). at the end of the day, we're just a couple of enthusiasts who like to party, and prefer to listen to music when we do it. if you're still reading - thank you for stopping by, we'll do our best to keep it interesting.
best regards,

Adam K - You're Not Alone (Adam K & Soha Remix)**** a song for all seasons, personal favorite

Delerium feat. Sarah McLachlan - Silence (Niels Van Gogh and Thomas Gold Remix)*** above & beyond's 21st century remix is probably better, it's just a matter of preference. this takes a minute to warm up, but give them both a try.
The MashMaticians - Ticket to the World (Britney Spears x Fadi)* apologies, but this fadi beat is intoxicating

Axwell feat. Tara McDonald - Feel the Vibe (Whelan & Di Scala Remix)**

Chase & Status - Blind Faith (Ricers Guide Dog Re-Edit)**** this has been a post game standard for a while, grab it

Weezy F - Sure Thing **necessary

Sunday, October 2

Do you have an alternate?

funk you very much for the council callie, and a great deal of gratitude to scratchandsniff for sending these over. you are top shelf in our books.

NYCC - I'll Keep My Light In My Window (scratchandsniffs disco re-rub)* * * * ride the wave

Al Green - I've Never Found A Girl (scratchandsniffs re-rub)* * * *

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